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CDC Resources on Cervical Cancer

Looking for a comprehensive resource on cervical cancer? CDC’s fact sheet explains cervical cancer in plain language to help everyone understand screening and risk factors. In addition, CDC’s cervical cancer awareness resources are available here and HPV vaccination resources are available here.

The National HPV Vaccination RoundTable Late 2016 brought exciting developments for HPV cancer prevention, with the ACIP recommending an updated 2-dose HPV vaccination schedule. This news was well received by members of the National HPV Vaccination Roundtable, a coalition of 80 public, private, and voluntary organizations and experts dedicated to reducing incidence of and mortality from HPV-attributed cancers. CCFC is a proud member organization.

The HPV Vaccination Roundtable develops and implements projects focused on overcoming barriers to HPV vaccination by focusing on five priority areas: providers, parents, systems, policies, and health disparities. We develop products and resources that can be used by organizations across the county. Select examples include:

  • “We’re In!” HPV vaccination awareness campaign
  • Middle school health toolkits for parents and school nurses · HPV cancer survivor videos to educate providers and care teams
  • Dear Provider letter for insurers · Video to educate providers on growing rates of HPV-associated oropharyngeal cancer
  • Recorded live stream from the 2016 best practices conference
  • HPV Speakers database to access presenters for events
  • Video for providers and parents on why we vaccinate at ages 11-12

Participation of Roundtable members and experts allow us to combine talents and reach beyond the scope of our individual organizations. Please inform our 2017 efforts by sharing your suggestions, feedback and new ideas with your representative. Together, we can increase HPV vaccination to rates on par with other adolescent vaccines and close the gender gap!

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